About Primus Partners

India is and will continue to be a complex opportunity. Private and Public sector would need trusted partners and not just advisors. Primus Partners Pvt. Ltd. (PPL), aims to fill in this space and become the go-to trusted Partner for both public and private sector organizations involved intricately in nation building.

Our core strength are our founding partners, who are all goal-oriented with extensive hands-on experience and substantial subject-matter expertise, which is well recognized in the industry.

Primus Partners will focus on ‘Idea Realization’— a unique approach to examining futuristic ideas required for growth of an organization, sector or geography, from the point-of-view of ground implementation. As people who have historically belonged to traditional consulting firms, we believe that this approach is necessary because of the tendency of large organizations to behave as behemoths entrapped in the tried-and-tested mechanisms of providing advice through ‘implementation of existing technological solutions and of mimicking a manpower-supply agency.


Returning to the ‘First Principles’ of solving a problem’—Answering the key questions of why, what, who and how:


  • Focusing on the long-term strategic requirements —both explicit and envisaged
  • Discovering the latent needs of the organization, sector, or geography
  • Tapping into the extensive diversified experience of our founders who are all hands-on, have spent time building and nurturing practices and till date remain active ideators of consulting solutions
  • Looking far into the future, but deep into implementation
  • Understanding the close interplay of private and public sector within emerging economies where one cannot significantly grow without partnering with the other
  • Presenting an integrated approach to client problems; since large advisory firms due to their inherent structure are unable to bring together a cross-learning approach to problem solving