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The Indian story is powerful and attractive, but its intricacies require expertise to glide through. It is important for businesses to adequately understand India and figure out their part in the India Story. Our team of cross-sectoral experts with years and decades of experience — serving at the helm of consultancy, administrative and regulatory practices — enable you to understand India, the sentiments, policies-regulations, and bring connections and insights from government functionaries.

Offerings And Services

Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

Research & Analysis
Framework mapping, periodic updates, problem ID, benchmarking.
Strategy Development
Implementation of robust strategies for business synergy.
Advisory Service
SME advisory, crisis help, engagement & taxation guidance.
Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder mapping, relationship management, expansion.
Government Affairs & Engagement
Engaging stakeholders, identifying partnership programs.
Team Profile
Nilaya Varma
Co-Founder & CEO
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Davinder Sandhu
Co-Founder & Chairperson
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Nikhil Dhaka
Vice President
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Sayantani Chatterjee
Vice President
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Case Study
Devising Growth Strategy for German Auto Giant
Facilitated foreign investments through policy analysis across business areas like R&D in safety and alternate fuels, strategy building for defence, analysis on tax incentives, and production-linked incentive application.
Supporting Bottom Line of Major Indian E-commerce Player
Provided support in public policy areas, including e-commerce policy, taxation, foreign trade, GST issues, e-commerce status during lockdowns, and engagement on TDS levies.
Digital Literacy for Tribal Youth with Social Media Conglomerate
Empowered tribal youth in India through digital literacy by connecting with industry leaders, facilitating mentorship training programs, and providing learning modules with defined outcomes.
Continuous Policy Analysis for Indian Multinational
Advised various sectors like Automotive, Specialty Steels, Renewable Energy, on a sustainable value innovation strategy aligned with company's initiatives, stakeholder mapping, and policy advisory.
Analysis for Global Cloud Service Provider
Facilitated engagement with government stakeholders to amplify conversations around cloud technology, making them aware of potential, positive impact on e-governance, and clarifying misperceptions that can impact policies.