Agriculture and its allied segments like animal husbandry and fisheries are critical to India as they employ about 50% of the population and contribute nearly 20% of the GDP. Development in this segment is important considering the large number of people who are impacted by them.

Primus Partners has a team of experts to work across the entire value chain of agriculture and agribusiness to help clients realize the full potential. We have expertise and experience of working with Government Departments, Producer Organizations, Not for Profits, Multilaterals, and Donors across the whole food chain.

Our key focus areas

  • LogoAgriculture, Agribusiness and Agri-marketing
  • LogoAnimal Husbandry
  • LogoDiary Development
  • LogoFisheries
  • LogoWater Resources and Irrigation
  • LogoFood Processing


Some of the solutions and services offered by us in this sector include -

  • LogoLogoStrategy Strategy and Roadmap creation for Government departments and organizations in the sector
  • LogoDigital Design, Development and Implementation of Digital solutions across the whole spectrum of the value chain
  • LogoInvestment Helping clients ground their investment in agribusiness and get better ROI for their investments
  • LogoTransformation Designing and Program Management of large-scale transformation projects
  • LogoChange Management Helping organizations plan and adapt to the changes impacting their industry and organizations

Case Study

Case Study 1 : Transformation and Sustainable development of Fisheries

Primus Partners worked with a leading State Government in India in creating a roadmap for the fisheries segment and working on driving transformation and sustainable development of fisheries through implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna. The project is aimed at streamlining of operations, productivity increase, enhancement of fish farmers income, improvement of a marketing system, technology and infrastructure development.

Case Study 2 : DPR preparation of a Food Park

Primus Partners worked with a client in preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Development of a Mini Food Park (a complete Indigenous project) to boost and encourage local manufacturing in the state of Haryana (India). This upcoming Food Park also envisions to strengthen the backward linkages by creating procurement opportunities for local farmers.