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We are happy to announce that Primus Partners and our CEO Mr. Nilaya Varma have been selected among the Listing of India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2019-20 under the Services Industry.

The special research based listing of “India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2019-20” also includes leaders from Sun Pharma, Vardhman Textiles Limited, CK Birla Group, JK Lakshmi Cement, Acer India, etc.

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SDG Alliance Platform

A single platform that arrives as a marketplace for all participants – Governments, FIs, Corporates, M&E Agency, Impact Investor, Beneficiaries, and Project Owners to come together to help identify, create, fund, and monitor the implementation projects that impact SDGs.

Benefit Management Platform

CHOICE is critical to the design of a benefit management system. Our approach to benefit management system puts the beneficiary at the centre and offers choice through a single market place that integrates schemes, benefits, transfer of funds and beneficiary identification through a choice based benefit system that delivers income support and safety net.

Virtual Public Affairs Office

Organizations need to be abreast of regulatory and policy changes happening at state and central level that impact the operating environment. Our offering is based upon a virtual retainer-ship model; every month we provide well defined tasks to monitor client specific outcomes.

Investor Clinic Virtual Assistant

A unique platform that looks at the entire investor lifecycle and provides on-site and virtual support to help take decisions from curating why India is an opportunity to assisting in managing regulatory requirements and assuring in designing specialized incentive packages.

Modified RIA

India is a complex operating environment. Our modified Regulatory Impact Assessment is aimed at cutting down RIA timelines without compromising on the efficacy of  traditional RIA.

India Speaks

India Speaks (Pulse of the Nation) is an early indicator of growth trajectory. Primus Partners has established with our partners a platform that regularly monitors and drives the mood of the nation across key sectors, regions and consumer spending.

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