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Education Newsletter | May 2023


As we swirl and leap in the upswing of the National Education Policy 2020, towards democratising our national learning and development milestones, Primus Partners launches a new edition of the Education sector bimonthly newsletter – ‘Manthan’, with an intent to dive into this great churning in education through our reflections, humanistic studies, and analytics-based learning.

The education megacosm has been impacted by global and national winds of change, shifting sands of disruptions, and apparent conundrums, some visible and some hidden in plain sight. In this backdrop our own ‘Manthan’ or churn we hope will not only take us through a journey of new insights which we will present through this newsletter but will help create pathways in which different ecosystems can navigate with their respective roadmaps.

In this launch edition the touchpoints cover our education goals and related SDGs - evolution of girl’s education since independence in primary, secondary as well as higher education; gamification which is now an understood concept though still an evolving education tool; and the recently released board results (CBSE and ICSE) in the country.

The first article deep dives into the shift that girls’ education has witnessed, including wins and misses, particularly data backed actionable information in the past decade. It also identifies additional measures to be adopted to strengthen the overall environment and boost required for girls’ careers. Following this, the second article emphasizes varied initiatives being undertaken by EdTech companies, some sticky challenges and interventions that suggest a forward march. The third piece in this Newsletter attempts an understanding of the results in the Board Examination of classes 10 and 12 with a centrepiece around girl student performance. Read Now!