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Far and Wide | April 2023 (II)


Our lead story this week is the high-stakes showdown between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News. With Fox News agreeing to pay $787.5 million to settle claims brought by Dominion Voting Systems over their coverage of the 2020 American Presidential Election, this case has raised important questions about the role of influencers, including news channels, in shaping our beliefs and the limits to freedom of speech in a democracy. At a time when the line between news and opinions is increasingly blurred without consequences, this settlement could mark a turning point. It also highlights the influence of money on media organizations and the need for ethical standards.

The story touches on four key issues: the limits of freedom of speech, the blurred line between news and opinions, the influence of money on influencers, and the need for regulations to codify the actions of influencers. Many argue that media (no longer social media alone) seem to divide us more than unite us because the truth is no longer important. Read More!