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Far and Wide | May 2023

As we enter a new era of technological advancement, our lead story this week focuses on the pressing need for AI regulation. The rise of AI has led to unprecedented changes in our society, from autonomous vehicles to algorithmic decision-making. As we consider the need for AI regulation, we must grapple with complex questions about the role of government and the responsibilities of private companies. How can we make sure that AI is used for the greater good, while minimizing its potential negative effects? How can we strike a balance between innovation and accountability? While it may be true that ever-expanding AI will create new jobs, it also may be true that workforce in many countries (especially developing) may not be ready for what it takes to support the ever-growing AI Universe and its impact on jobs in the short terms can be significant. The future of AI regulation may very well shape the course of our society in the years to come. Read Now!