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Moving the Needle: Ideating the journey from policy to implementation | May 2023


 In today’s globalized economy, while trade rarely has any boundaries, strategic resources availability is quickly becoming a core geopolitical issue. India’s blue economy and the latest findings of lithium deposits in the country have opened up various discussion points on the potential as well as way forward for them. Speaking of way forward, while the EV industry can succeed only with an equally strong supporting infrastructure, sustainability of Indian tech-enabled unicorns are other very important points to focus on. The importance of credit ratings and technology can never be understated when it comes to companies and the economy at large as well as the accomplishment of SDG goals respectively. In light of the developments in last 2-3 years, the core issue for countries by and large today revolves around security and healthcare which have their corresponding impact on the economy and our write ups in this edition focus on defence exports and leveraging music for medicine. Read More!