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Moving the Needle | June 2023

While the global economies are facing an inflationary economic scenario on one end, there is also a risk of recession on the other. A complex situation - ain’t it? Despite that, India’s endeavours continue towards further strengthening the geopolitical landscape as well as mapping, building and maintaining the required infrastructure (including natural resources as well) to be able to dodge the recession-inflation paradox. India’s aerospace and defence industry as well as the healthcare industry continue to introspect and make headway with respect to developing solutions and productive assets within the boundaries of the country.

That being said, de-dollarization is a significant development that can impact global economies significantly. In our expert section, we have Ms. Rama Devi Lanka who leads the Emerging Technologies Wing of the Information Technologies, Electronics, and Communication Department (ITE&C) in the Government of Telangana, sharing her thoughts on how emerging technologies have the potential and hence are being leveraged towards the benefit of the entire society and ecosystem at large. Read On!