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Moving the Needle | November 2023

In this edition of Moving the Needle, we are pleased to feature Sabeer Bhatia, a serial techpreneur whose career has been marked by various entrepreneurial endeavors beyond Hotmail. He has been involved with diverse technology startups and ventures, driven by a commitment to innovation and the desire to create meaningful change in the tech industry.

Our regular sections highlight the more recent NCAER monthly economic review while evaluating the economics of conflicts beyond just monetary features while also focussing on how it is important to change with the times, be it by adapting infrastructure and navigating shifting alliances or be it looking at sustainable technology. Having said that, with changing geopolitical scenarios, it is also important to be self-reliant when it comes to the country’s security and hence having a domestic testing infrastructure ecosystem is critical. When it comes to healthcare, it is equally important to recognize the importance, contribution and critical relevance of allied health services for a country like India. And it is equally important to ensure maximum digital penetration in Indian schools so that no one is left behind in education. Further, as technological evolution takes place, it is important to leverage that and tap its potential in financial services as well. Read Now !