Our Service Offerings

Our approach to ‘Idea Realization’ consists of unlearning traditional solution offerings and designing five key areas that we believe represent the universe of ambitious asks by different kinds of organizations spread across the country.

Public Policy Realization

  • Virtual Public Policy Office
  • Sectoral Insights and Tracking
  • Pulse of the Nation
  • Regulatory impact assessment

India is an extremely diverse country with most decision making and impact driven by state level interventions. Organizations need to be abreast of regulatory and policy changes happening at the state and central level that impacts firm operating environment. Primus Partners would track not just the macro trends in a sector but micro implants in a region and provide insight to our clients, while regularly monitoring and reporting the mood of the nation across key sectors and consumer spending. Lastly, we provide tools to ensure that regulations achieve their desired ends through cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact assessment.

Knowledge Partnership support to a leading Industry Association

Primus Partners is working with a leading Industry Association as a Knowledge Partner in helping them drive thoughts on policies, its impact on the industry, create thought leadership and POVs and help drive the view of the industry.

Delivering growth in the Co-living space

Primus Partners is working with a leading firm in the co-living space and rental housing to identify policies that impact them and opportunities for the next area of growth for the firm.

Investment Realization

  • Location Assesment
  • Investor Clinic and Virtual Assistant
  • Incentive Management
  • Project Preparation

Primus Partners looks to provide solutions to address the needs of both private and public sector clients in order to prepare for projects and manage incentives in terms of investment potential and business process reengineering in India. Our solution offering begins at market and location assessment for investment or market strategy, support to Ministries and State Departments in enhancing the investment climate through means of policy reforms and handholding investors to facilitate wealth creation in the country.

Understanding the Incentives on Investment

Primus Partners is working with one of the leading packaging companies in India in preparation of Detailed Project Report on potential incentives available in investment in certain states.

Supporting a key investment in the chemical industry

Primus Partners is working with a leading player in the chemical industry in supporting them on location assessment, site finalization, and incentive structuring.

Impact Realization

  • SDG on a Platform
  • Impact Investing
  • CSR for Impact

Primus Partners aims to guide its clients towards providing a single solution to plan, fund, implement and monitor SDG localization at the central and regional level; developing sustainable and responsible corporate strategy; creating tools to assess results of any intervention and customizing investment strategies and structure suitable instruments to maximize both social impact and financial returns.

Strategy around subsidy

Primus Partners is working in collaboration with an institutional partner in understanding the impact of fertilizer subsidy and creating a strategy around it.

driving sustainability in water

Primus Partners is working with a leading non-profit organization in the area of affordable, reliable and sustainable water solutions in select urban local bodies in India.

Sectoral Potential Realization

  • Cluster competitiveness
  • Next generation infrastructure
  • Health for all
  • Education for impact

Primus Partners aims to help our clients deliver the outcomes they are seeking; through next generation infrastructure, cluster development and competitiveness, healthcare systems and education services in India. Our solution offerings will successfully navigate the rapidly changing environment of these sectors, building on past efforts and guiding public and private institutions towards innovative solutions in an increasingly complex, knowledge-based and dynamic economy.

Affordable Housing for a leading State Government

Primus Partners is in association with a leading Consulting firm and is working with a State Government to help them achieve the full potential of driving affordable housing in the State.

review of Affordable Housing initiatives

Primus Partners reviewed the planned affordable housing initiatives of a million-plus city in India and guided the city in an optimal approach for affordable housing. 

Technology Potential Realization

  • Gamification of public service delivery
  • Startup and accelerator support fund
  • Government as a platform
  • Technology cost assessment

Despite improvements, India needs to adopt new age technologies and concepts to further enhance service delivery and bring in efficiency and innovation to solve complex problems in areas such as healthcare, education and skilling, water sanitation, childcare etc. Primus Partners aims to explore gamification for service delivery, work with innovative start-ups and crowdsourcing platforms, create a specialized government workforce and create tools to map citizens to their relationship with service delivery across channels.

Healthcare Technology Solution for a leading State Government

Primus Partners, along with a consortium partner, is providing advisory services to a leading State Government in India on technology-led solutions for health sector reforms and modernization.

smart parking policy

Primus Partners has been engaged by an Urban Local body of a million-plus city in India to prepare a futuristic and technology-driven smart parking policy for the city.