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Moving the Needle | October 2023

In this edition of Moving the Needle, we are pleased to feature Mahin Gupta. A seasoned professional with experience in managing wallet infrastructure, Mahin is the Founder of Liminal, a custody wallet platform for digital assets. He has also co-founded ZebPay, one of the large crypto exchanges in India.

Our regular sections highlight the economics between buying capacity and gender while highlighting indicative suggestions that can be progressed upon, how multi-polarity is becoming the new normal, how and why military aerospace is a major focus area for the country, how India’s G20 presidency has been a resounding success across sectors especially in healthcare which also included the call for the Pandemic Fund. We also highlight that while India’s focus on infrastructure development and the inclusion of technology across segments including in insurance (insurtech) is defining the growth chart for the country, there is an increasing need for more social entrepreneurs in India.Read Now!