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Aircraft Leasing Industry: Has India nailed the landing?

This white paper authored by Primus Partners focuses on major challenges that have impeded the progress of the Aircraft Leasing Industry in India. With growing passenger traffic, India’s demand for aircrafts is predicted to reach ~2,200 in the next 20 years. Around 80% of the total commercial fleet in India is leased compared with 53% globally, hence, it becomes imperative that the domestic aircraft leasing industry be supported and developed. Consultations with various industry stakeholders brought out several reasons why aircraft leasing has not taken off in India. Lack of a proper financing framework, weak implementation of regulations on repossession, and past experiences leading to a not-so-great industry perception are some of the major issues. The paper also analyses probable solutions that concerned authorities may consider and focus on to give the required impetus to this industry in India. Read Now!