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India Moving Forward: Journey Towards a $5 Trillion Economy

India’s growth journey has been momentous so far and given the demographic dividend that the country enjoys, the long-term growth prospects are even better. The last few years have established a strong base, upon which the next phase of growth can be built. Supported by a determined government, India has set a vision of becoming a $5 trillion economy. It is therefore critical to chart the roadmap, highlighting the transformations that the economy and society would need to undergo to achieve the vision. The report, ‘Transforming for the future: a journey towards a $5 trillion economy’ highlights some of the critical transformations that India would have to undertake to achieve long-term growth. The report studies the various economic, social, regulatory, technological and environmental facets, where the government and industry should collaborate to help India achieve the $5 trillion vision. We trust that this report will be helpful in encouraging discussions on the future steps that stakeholders should take to drive economic growth.